Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Joel Glicker


Otherwise known as the asthma-prone Disney-averse Romeo to Wednesday Addams' evil-eyed pilgrim-skewering Juliet in Addams Family Values, i.e. the girl-stealing yet blindly trusting with strange pills Francis Davenport in The Ice Storm, aka the unfortunate sporter of Y-befronted tighty-whities Ben Abromowitz in The Slums of Beverly Hills, heretofore called by his given name David Krumholtz.

Looking through IMDb I realize I've watched and enjoyed Mr. Krumholtz in far more than I remembered off the top of my head (He's in Serenity? I really need to rewatch that movie...). Huh. A happy 30th birthday to him today, then.


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Unknown said... would be cute if he dated Christina Ricci, busted her cherry