Thursday, May 15, 2008

Check Yourself Before You [REC] Yourself!

I can't believe I did this to myself. The boyfriend's out of town, so what do I do? I turn out all the lights and watch [REC] (thanks to Final Girl's rave yesterday I couldn't stomach the not-seeing-it any longer and... took matters into my own hands, you might say).

And now I am here, in my dark apartment, alone. Alone! In the dark! And I am supposed to go to sleep after that? Like, with the lights off?

Loving horror is a two-edged sword - you go looking everywhere for something that'll truly terrify you, and then when something does... well, you have to turn out the lights again eventually.


Anonymous said...

What'd you think of the new "Lost" episode?

shaun said...

God, I loved [REC]...did the same thing as you, JA--sought it out, waited 'til hubby was asleep, and then watched it alone. I thought it was utterly amazing and so scary that I actually had to take a breat at one point--I NEVER do that! Unadulterated horror bliss...