Thursday, May 15, 2008

Where's Fabio When A Gal Needs Him?


Hello, everybody! There's a new episode of Lost tonight, and Elizabeth Mitchell would like to offer you some fruits and crumpets while an olive-skinned mystery man waits in the wings to sweep her off her peasant girl's toes and whisk her to a world of sexy intrigue and bodice-tearing adventure.

I mean, really. WTF is that picture? (check out the entire series over here)

Anyway, as usual you can check out Doc Jensen's regularly scheduled Thursday verbal diarrhea flecked with chunky theories over at (yes, the "EW" stands for "Ewww, that was a gross way to put that, JA!"). Enjoy!

ETA As an unrelated-to-Lost aside here, I should let y'all know that I effed up and there won't be a Thursday's Ways Not To Die today... I thought I might be able to get to it tonight, but then I told myself no, I'm going to relax, and the tide of elation that swept over me is too strong to resist. I'll try to get to it tomorrow but I make no promises; it may be a wash this week. My apologies for the scatter-shot nature of it lately; hopefully soon, when my brain figures out how it works without nicotine anymore, things will start to find their usual rhythm again...


scroggins said...

Arrgh, I say. Arrgh.

Herbaliscous said...

Yikes, that's scarier than when she played that patronising smug lesbian in ER. It's kind of Geri Halliwell, meets Jeri Hall, meets Jerry Springer.