Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Remember The Strangers? The horror flick starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman that's not a remake of the French thriller Ils (Them) but has the exact same, albeit simple, storyline? A couple in a remote house are besieged by unknown people trying to break in and kill them, the end (I wrote a brief piece on the sudden popularity of this theme here). The Strangers was set to come out last Summer, then didn't; now it's set for a May 30th release. It had that kick-ass retro poster I'm sure y'all remember.

Aaaaanyway, the film now has a trailer (I guess we're forgetting the trailer it had last year then? Okay...). And if you'd ever wondered to yourself, "What would happen if they made an entire movie around that shot in Halloween where Michael Myers' face slowly appears out of the darkness right over Jamie Lee Curtis' shoulder," then this here movie appears to be the answer. Or the trailer is at least. Every five seconds there's another mask-covered face appearing out of the gloom. Hopefully they haven't given all their scares away in the trailer! But here are a bunch of stills from the trailer, most of which you might want to click on to make bigger so you can find the semi-obscured spooky face hidden in the frame.

The real answer to the title of this post, though, is this: You hired Scott "Swoon" Speedman and you didn't find an excuse to get him naked? He's wearing the same suit in every shot in this trailer from what I can tell, and that is NO good. Couldn't these villains have interrupted his nightly swimming practice? His steam-bath? His cleaning the rain-gutters in his underpants routine? Nothing? Sigh.



Stacie Ponder said...

The clip I saw in San Diego last summer was fucking awesome. I can't wait for this, and I hope the whole thing is kickass. I wasn't terribly enamoured with Ils, but I'm in the minority on that.

Scott Speedman...there's someting weird about his mouth. He has a Muppet mouth. He looks a little Guy Smiley or something.

Jason Adams said...

I wasn't a big fan of Ils either, Stacie. it has its moments, but it just sort of... sat there, or something. I think on that one my expectations were too high. My biggest beef with it was it chose to keep its main characters, the couple, too vague. The movie was quick, and I think they made a trade-off, choosing "This could happen to you!" instead of defining their characters too strongly, and it didn't work for me.

As for Speedman, it took me a good long while to warm up to him because he's so oddly shaped, face-wise (the boyfriend has loved him always but precisely because he looks like a wolf-boy), but I've leapt that hurdle as of late; I think he's grown into his weird features well.

I'm going to go home and dig up my Guy Smiley doll (yes, I have one) now.

Joe Reid said...

You know, that second to last pic makes it look like Leatherface, the Carver, and the Scream killer all decided to get an apartment together and then go kill some people.

Jason Adams said...

I smell a wacky sitcom!

Glenn Dunks said...

Can it star Bea Arthur please?

Also, I liked Ils. I was scared shitless during some parts. But, yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if they even gave the characters names they were so non-existent.