Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Must See This Movie


Saul Bass, best known for designing some of the most heralded posters and opening credits sequences of all time, directed just one movie in his career - it's called Phase IV, it's from 1974, and it's about super-smart killer ants. Super-smart killer ants!

And jeez louise if it's not damned near impossible to get one's hands on, of course. Thankfully, according to TwitchFilm (they've also reviewed the film), it's been snapped up for DVD release... probably some time in the near future. Yes, vague. Urgh, must see now!

Here's another review, and here's a review with a couple of pictures from the film... where I'm fairly certain a camera taking snapshots of a TV screen was involved...

Anyway, I'm semi-crazed for some of this sweet super-smart ant mayhem now... Anybody seen it?


Steven said...

I rented it a VHS copy from a video store in Montreal a few years back. I wasn't overly impressed, though I think I was pretty tired at the time. You know how it is.

I do remember the ending being stunning and exactly what I look for in this kind of movie.

Then again, considering how diametrically opposed our opinions are on Doomsday, Funny Games, Diary of the Dead, maybe it's best if you just ignore me.

JA said...

Wow, we do disagree a lot, don't we Steven? Huh. Well I can't help it if your opinion always sucks! ;-)