Friday, March 21, 2008

Finally, Some Queer Lost...

... and this is what we get?

Tom and some rent-boy named Arturo
kissing on the cheek?

If it's possible, I was simultaneously offended by and in total agreement with the look of semi-disgust on Michael's face in reaction to their peck:

I did love Tom's sly-eyed explanation: "''I don't make it to the mainland too often... so when I do, I like to indulge myself." I hear ya, Mr. Friendly.

But still, this is disappointing. I tell ya, Cuse and Lindelof, I'm not gonna quit harping on you until Jack and Jin at least mud-wrestle.



Anonymous said...

See, I thought his look of disgust wasn't an anti-gay thing but rather disgust at the notion that while he had to murder two people and lose the love of his son to get off the goddamn Island, these clowns can split whenever they want to get sexed up by Mr. Goodbody lookalikes in fancy hotel suites or whatever else it is they feel like doing.

Jason Adams said...

You're probably right, Sean. In all honesty I was only half paying attention to last night's episode; I realized some time yesterday afternoon when I realized it was going to be an episode about Michael that I stopped giving a crap about Michael ages ago and really wasn't looking forward to delving back into his whiny bullshit. And sure enough, I was pretty bored by the entire proceedings.