Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Buffer Post

Hello. JA here. This post is acting as buffer between my Heath mourning period and a resumption of regular blogging once again. Why do I feel the need for a buffer? Because posting will start fresh tomorrow morning with my regular series, Thursday's Ways Not To Die, and I really didn't want my light-hearted look at the art of the cinematic demise rubbing bellies with actual, real-world sadness. That's why!

I'm trying to be light-hearted here, but not really feeling it. I'm still terrifically sad. I had to change the banner because the Heath Tribute one was making my stomach hit the floor every time I loaded the page (the new one is an image from The Dark Knight trailer though, so its still got that feel, only less in-my-face). Anyway, this loss will retain its melancholic twinge with every nugget of news - like this admittedly-questionably-sourced story about Jake's dedication to fulfilling his role as Matilda's godfather - and every time I see a picture of Heath or watch one of his films. But it's time for me to let the people who knew him, his friends and his family, take their mourning behind closed doors, and to leave them be. I hate the thought of Michelle's arrival back here to New York inevitably turning into a media circus, and I'm gonna do my part - my tiny, insignificant part - in leaving that side of the story be for now. No more sitting here staring at the computer screen, mentally paralyzed, refreshing of all the bullshit sites in the world fucking TMZ every ten minutes for another minuscule update on what was or wasn't in that apartment. In the days, weeks, months to come, I'll pull myself together with regards to the loss we, as fans, are feeling, and find some way to pay tribute to the man and the work he left behind. But for now... letting it be.

So we'll be back, full steam ahead, usual nonsense loaded on our backs, tomorrow. Have a good rest-of-your-Wednesday, y'all, and give somebody you love a call or a hug or a good fierce snogging tonight and tell 'em JA sent ya. Cheers.

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