Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday's Ways Not To Die: The Early Xmas Edition!

Gremlins (1984)

Poor Mrs. Deagle. First that nasty dog breaks her glass snowman, and now this. This is most certainly not the heralded Christmas Spirit visited upon her. I suppose that's what one gets when one's the token Scrooge character in a surprisingly nasty - and, alongside Temple of Doom, PG-13 rating inspiring - film. Which, of course, makes it one of the better Christmas classics. Nothing spells the true meaning of Christmas like monsters exploding in microwaves, after all.

Happy Holidays, everybody!



Joe Reid said...

YAY! Great Christmas-themed entry! This movie needs to be on cable, like, right now so I can watch it.

zooplah said...

Yeah, it's better than most Christmas-themed movies, but the sequel was a definite improvement.

Jason Adams said...

I'm with ya, zooplah - I adore Gremlins 2 - but there aren't any deaths in it that I can think of, are there? It's much more cartoony than the first. There's plenty of Gremlin-death that I remember, but no humans, I mean. So that's why the first film beat the 2nd here. But the 2nd kicks my ass, in the best of ways. Love it.