Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Pushing Daisies Public Service Announcement

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I'm ripping this off from AICN but it's muy importante so getting the word out is critical: tonight's episode of Pushing Daisies, the one where Molly Shannon and Mike White guest-star, is airing at 9pm instead of the usual 8pm. I know I'll be running home post-work to reprogram my Tivo.

And seeing as how there's been no Katee Sackhoff in the past couple episodes of Bionic Woman and there's no sign of her in the preview for tonight's episode I think it's high time the show got shafted from the venerable Season Pass. What a BORING mess it is without her. I'll tune back in if Katee ever shows back up, but otherwise I couldn't care less. See ya, losers!

I mean Michelle Ryan and crew by "losers" by the way. Not y'all. Never y'all! Y'all rock! Y'all roll! So on, so forth, love in an elevator. ... I think I'm going a bit batty today. A bit. A weeeeee bit. Sigh.

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