Friday, November 30, 2007

I Am Link

I'm feeling a little under-the-weather this morning - sniffles! - so I might not have the blogging joie de vivre we've all come to love and admire from me today... but here's some links!

--- The Golden Compass is playing on 800 screens for a sneak preview tomorrow night at 7pm... you can see if it's near you at this link (found via Cinematical). I already had plans tomorrow night of the unbreakable sort, so I cannot attend... [insert cursing the gods here].

--- I keep hearing amazing things about this Spanish first-person zombie flick [REC] so I figure it's high time I pointed it out - I mean, it's already slated for an American remake. Twitch has got a couple of clips up. I imagine it might get some Stateside play in the new year... one hopes...

--- I don't have much, if any, enthusiasm brewing for this Justice League movie, but they've found their Wonder Woman, apparently. She's nobody anybody's ever heard of, but she's tall, chesty, and brunette, so she's anatomically correct. So to speak.

--- This love letter from Roger Ebert to Werner Herzog is Roger at his finest.


Kamikaze Camel said...

omg it's Megan Gale!!!!! I have a weird and unspoken love for Megan Gale.

JA said...

Guess I spoke too soon with the "she's nobody anybody's ever heard of" then? I knew, when I read she was Australian, that I should've deferred to you, Glenn.