Friday, November 02, 2007

I Am Link

--- Damn You George Romero! Actually, I ought to be damning the Weinsteins, but then I'm always, subconsciously at the very least, damning them, so this one extends to the Zombie-Master himself - now I've got to be dodging spoilers with regards to a sequel to Diary of the Dead - Romero's latest Zombie Opus, which hasn't even come out yet (February 15th, 2008) - but that hasn't stopped them from already working on its sequel, details for which I've already read and know I'll end up ruining the ending of first one before I even see it! Complications! I know George makes his movies for about ten bucks, but it'd be nice to see the first one before stumbling upon the plot for the second one. Maybe? That's the early poster for the second Diary of the Dead to the right there (via here).

--- Cyclops aka Jimmy Marsden has joined Cameron Diaz in Richard Kelly's next flick, The Box, an adaptation of a Richard Matheson story. It's a battle of the bluest eyes!

--- The Pies Are People! Harry Knowles raves and raves in his review for Sweeney Todd, Tim Burton's flick opening round Xmas. He basically says it's Burton's best film not named Ed Wood. High praise indeed; we shall see. He doesn't offer much about the much-worried-upon nature of people's singing voices, except this:

"Depp’s voice isn’t terribly harmonic, but it’s due to the lack of joy in his voice here. He’s as black as the great black pit and all the people who are filled with shit. He’s a tormented soul and his singing reflects that."

--- David Fincher has attached himself to The Killer, a graphic novel adaptation about a remorseful assassin.

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