Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Do, Dump or Marry: The Southland Guys


In honor of tomorrow being "Holy Crap Southland Tales Is Coming Out For Real!" Day, I am finally getting around to the next installment in my Do, Dump or Marry series [ed.- my apologies for the long gaps between these things!]... here we have the three fellas that appear to have the largest male roles in the film. First up is Mr. Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson:

Next, renowned beat-boxer Justin Timberlake:

And thirdly, we've got he-who-reminds-me-of-those-toothpaste- commercial-flip-top-heads, Mr. Seann William Scott:

An odd trio, I'd say, but that seems only appropriate with what promises to be an odd film. So you know how it goes: into the comments with thee - which of them would ya Marry (i.e. spend the rest of your life with, having the sex forever and ever or until you get tired of each other's face as happens and start fantasizing about slipping Drano into their oatmeal), which would ya Do (i.e. do, but just one fleeting night of strawberry-flavored passion), and which would you Dump (i.e. Seann William Scott).

Go at it! I choose director Richard Kelly
(<--- hubba hubba) for the win! .


Joe Reid said...

Hmm, intriguing. Definitely dump Seannnnn William Scott. The Do/Marry decision between JT and The Rock is tough. They're both hot, they're both funny, they're both rich...yikes. Do: Rock; Marry: Justin. I don't need to be at that much of a physical disadvantage in a relationship, thanks.

Jason Adams said...

I'd be the reverse, for the record (and since Richard Kelly wasn't an actual option): Marry Dwayne, do Justin. I think The Rock seems like he'd be a blast to hang out with for an extended period of time, but Justin would get on my nerves really really fast.

Anonymous said...

Marry ---- Seann (hottie doofus) Do ---- Justin (hot for a one time roll)
and Dump --- The Rock (just not my type)

Anonymous said...

Dump: SWS... [too bland-ish]
Do: JT... [good for a night, I'd assume]
Marry: Dwaynie... [swoons]

John T said...

Marry: Justin (though there would be a clause in the prenup that he would have to keep those abs). There'd also be a sex clause (at least three times a day)
Do: Seann William Scott (he's a cutie, but is too bland to have anything other than one night of carnality with)
Dump: The Rock (I've never found him attractive-I think it's that I'm not that into the really muscle-bound men.

Glenn Dunks said...

Dump - JT.
Do - Seann. He's still yummy in those pictures and he's beefier than Justin.
Marry - Dwayne. He'd be a pocket rocket every night of the week, 365 days of the year (I reckon). Plus he has a nice personality. Plus, you just know he'll have that body for a long time. JT on the other hand will be getting the belly soon enough.


do -seann williammm scotttt (sorry. i know it's not popular but there's something ****able --love the dorkiness AND the willingness to make out with Ashton Kuchner. yum)

dump -justin timberlake (hot but i'm positive: irritating)

marry -the rock


wait i'ma change my answer.

marry -sws. Nathaniel R Scottttttttt

Michael Parsons said...


Marry: The Rock. Aside from being sexy and looking like a good lover, he also seem s like a really solid bloke. I would cry in those beefy arms any day.

Do: Sean William Scott: Yeah he is annoying, but he looks like he would be a real goer in the sack....I bet he would beg for more.

Dump: He is bland, has been in Britney and may possibly ruin my Madonna music love. What a twat!

par3182 said...

dump justin (i ain't going near britney's slops)

do seann

marry the rock

Anonymous said...

Dump - Timberlake
Do - Dwayne... it's a rock somewhere!
Marry - Sean. funny and adorably hot
Can't go wrong!

GhoulieJulie said...

Marry The Rock (yes, please!)
Do Sean William Scott, but only because Justin's been annoying me lately, so dump Justin!

John said...

SWS is hot!!!!