Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm Annoyed


I know, I'm always annoyed, but I have a very specific source of annoyance at this very instant. Y'all know that After Dark Horrorfest thingamajig that started last year? Last year I missed out on it, nothing grabbed my nethers and beckoned me, but this year they're showing two films that I most definitely want to see - they're showing The Deaths of Ian Stone - which I've spoken of previously - it stars crush Mike Vogel and has a fun Groundhog Day-esque premise (BD just posted the trailer); and they're showing this flick Frontier(s) that BD has been crowing about for what seems like ages.

So I go to their website yesterday AND today and no theater in NY (as in the entire state) has yet announced the booking of this mini-festival, which happens November 9-18th (no, I don't know why they wait until after Halloween either). I know some theater will announce it one of these days, if I could just be patient, but I fear I'll forget and suddenly it'll come and go and then I'll be even more annoyed. Ugh!

Ah. Felt good to let that bitch out. And maybe, now that I posted on this, I won't forget to check again on it soon. Perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps.

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