Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I Love Lee Pace


Everybody keeps hollering that Pushing Daisies is the best new show of the Fall season, and I guess we'll see tonight when it airs, but I really don't give a crap, or a shit-weasel as it were, I just love me some Lee Pace. Why, you ask?

Well fuck you for questioning me, first off, and second off, he was in Wonderfalls duh. He played Jaye's brother Aaron, the fella who waved around the cow creamer ---> and called her bonkers. He was delightful. And that's enough for me to adore him for eternity really, but if you insist on grating on my goddamned nerves knowing more, besides Wonderfalls all I've seen Pace in is his swell turn as Dick Hickock in The Other (Better) Truman Capote Movie, otherwise known as Infamous, and briefly in The Good Shepherd (I say briefly because I could barely keep my eyes open through that snooze-fest). I've never seen his much-praised trans-gendered turn in Soldier's Girl, but will get around to that one of these days...

Anyway I love him, and am rooting for Pushing Daisies to be as good as everyone's saying it is, and for him to do well. Now if only Caroline Dhavernas would become a massive star!

Here are a couple of pictures of Mr. Pace in Infamous where he was nearly as hot as Daniel Craig (which is to saying a lot obviously), which proves once again that my attraction to criminals, or at least the cinematic sort, carries on unfettered... but hey, his scenes with Craig were spilling over with homo-erotic tension, so I'm allowed. Also, I say so. And there. What?


RJ said...

I'm pretty vocal about how much I love Wonderfalls. It knows no bounds, Katie Finneran can become a serial killer and she'll still get a life time pass from me for playing Jaye's sister on that show.

I didn't see Infamous but.....I will reconsider this huge transgression having seen what I can witness.

And, if Pushing Daisies takes off (which I'm pessimisitc about b/c Nielsen families often have FRIKKING AWFUL TASTE) let's hope a spot opens up for good old Carrie Dhavernas on the show with a juicy role, that is if the studios haven't come to their senses and started casting her in giant movies.

RJ said... could I forget, Lee Pace is dreamy

Anonymous said...

Oh so dreamy... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Especially in that second pic; he looks like Clive Owen!

kitty said...

He's the most fucking adorable/sexy-as-hell creature I've ever seen... I am obsessed and one day would like to meet/screw him.

(If you'd like to converse on this amazing piece of art of a man email me