Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gratuitous Henry Rollins

(Somebody really needs to caption this photo in the comments, please.)

I have to apologize to the boyfriend outta the gate on this one - he really doesn't like Henry Rollins - but seeing as how A) that lone lil' pic I posted of Hank got a good response from y'all on Monday, and B) I watched Wrong Turn 2: Dead End last evening (brief review: some great kills, and some great re-jiggering of audience expectations; it's not nearly as horrible as you expect it to be but still pretty far from mind-blowing - but it does have an extended inbred-cannibal-hillbilly sex scene, so it can't possibly suck) in which Mr. Rollins stars and kicks some ass, and C) he just espoused some pro-gay agenda in the media, I think a lil' tribute to the rock-star/actor/ poet/talk-show-host/etc/etc/etc is in order. Of the visual sort of course.



sparky2379 said...

shirtless pics of henry rollins should never be tagged 'gratuitous'. *faints*

Anonymous said...

Caption: "Loudmouthed Meat-head: It's What's For Dinner."

Rural Juror said...

Plus, his interviews on his show are amazing

Anonymous said...