Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Definite Improvement

Cinematical has the final two posters for The Golden Compass and they're much finer than the ones we saw awhile back. I especially think the first poster is a big improvement - it takes the same idea, of incorporating a slew of images and characters from the film, but fits them together much more smoothly than the earlier attempt:

The second poster looks a bit like a newfangled book cover, but still - fighting polar bears! That's one of this thing's biggest draws, man!



J.D. said...

So, today is "Not Just Radiohead, but also The Golden Compass Day", right?

And I think I'll love that poster over time. But YEAH it's better than the other one. I think I hate that one now. :)

Jason Adams said...

It does seem to be turning out that way, doesn't it? If I didn't have to sit here in my blasted office I'd be listening to the Radiohead album non-stop right now. ALAS.

It's a much better poster. Not the greatest poster ever created or anything - I'm honestly a little tired of this "throw everything but the kitchen sink onto it" approach to epic fantasy-type films, but this'll do.

J.D. said...

Hey, I love kitchen sink-thrown posters, but only when there's artisitic merit, which this has plenty of, in my opinion.

And I'm also REALLY glad that this poster, and that trailer, and a slew of BTS videos on YouTube have reinvigorated my anticipation for this. YES!!!

J.D. said...

[after looking real close at the poster] Kristen Scott Thomas is in this? Really?

Jason Adams said...

Apparently so is Kathy Bates! Who knew?

I'd just like to see one of these fantasy franchises do something that feels totally different. What that is? I don't know. But I'll know it when I see it!