Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fight Or Flight


I don't know if it was the pair of alcoholic beverages I had while watching last night's new episode of Heroes or what, but I thought it was a much better episode than we've seen so far this season.

And my optimism can't be entirely due to my beloved Kristen Bell's appearance, since she was hardly around long enough for me to fully gain steam with the salivating. I'm so deranged in my appreciation of her that not until the episode was happening did it occur to me to think, "Hey, she's not going to take over the entire show, is she? There are lots and lots of other characters here, unlike Veronica Mars in which she was in basically every single scene. That's sad." So I had that moment of realization, which sucked; I certainly could've used more of her and her electro-fingertips and her sing-songy delivery of murder. Alas.

But even besides Miss Bell, I thought it was a decent episode. There was some forward momentum and things I haven't given a rat's ass about before - I'm looking at you, Parkman and Mohinder - actually felt to have some weight and surprise to them.

And Satan help me, I like Micah's cousin in New Orleans. I agree with Joe that they might as well have named her Katrina, but I still like her. She's spunky, and I giggled at her double-dutch scene. It was nice to see somebody react with genuine happiness for a brief moment to their superpower; there's far too much moping attached to this crew most of them time. Hiro - usually the source of power-related joy - has been saddled with his disconnected, uninvolving story for too long, and I say this as a big fan of David Anders via Alias. Bring Hiro back already! Sark can come with him though; preferably disrobed and snarling, just the way I like him.


Anonymous said...

rgLoved seeing the Bellster. I find it interesting that Peter has been shown this year to be able to shoot electric bolts of energy in a very similar fashion to Bell's character. They are suppose to have a connection somehow and I wouldnt be surprised to find them related.

I agree on David Anders, bring him back with almost nothing on for sure

tony libido said...

Mmmmm, I think it was the drinkies. Personally, I'm bored out of my mind.

HEROES has always been a decent show with absolutely no heart. And this season especially, there is nothing holding all these stories together. It's like they don't even know what the show is about, just have the conceit of a bunch of people developing powers.

The preview mentioned the plague and the virus which we essentially haven't heard about since the 1st 5 minutes of the 1st episode.

Be a good time to introduce a story arc here.

Obviously, none of the above takes anything away from the joyous KBell (and her use of the word 'daddy').

Jwise said...

Kristen Bell's presence could get me to watch anything--even Two and a Half Men. Having said that, how are viewers supposed to fear Elle when they don't show her victims? All you saw was charred feat--give us something to gasp at, a' la Claire waking up mid-autopsy.

Still one of the creepiest moments ever on TV