Thursday, October 11, 2007



LOVE his haircut, and he always wears the most beautiful suits, but... hrm... he's letting that beard grow really thick, isn't he? It looks about as soft and cuddly as mine, which - ask the boyfriend - is about as soft and cuddly as a scouring pad. Still, cute as always.

These are from JJ, from last night's Rendition premiere. Yes, his other beard was there too. What? Huh? Nevermind.


mac20 said...

Maybe the thick beard is the difference between a man of 26, and a boy of 26.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's trying to look as much like you as possible, as his first stage of stalking...?

Jason Adams said...

Good call, sora! He is stalking me! I'm going to start leaving my door unlocked and windows open at night then.

Dame James said...

Hopefully he shaves it before he starts to look like Tom Cruise in "Castaway" because that would be a shame. I still love him though.

Dame James said...

Oh, and by Tom Cruise, I meant Tom Hanks. Don't know what I was thinking.