Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Woman Who Got Roofied Too Much

Damned AMC and their 7 Nights of Hitchcock marathon! I keep meaning to watch the DVDs I've got piling up but every night I get sucked into another Hitch movie I've seen a thousand times before.

Tonight it's The Man Who Knew Too Much, the remake with Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day, which is one of my faves. Assuming y'all have seen it before, can I just say that the scene where Jimmy Stewart gives Doris Day sedatives before telling her their son has been kidnapped freaks me out every single times? It's terrible, sad... not to mention so very Hitchock.

Doris Day is really terrific in the scene - the anger, betrayal, terror, the sheer exhaustion that play out in her delivery and body language are absolutely heart-breaking.

And Jimmy Stewart comes off, once again in The Master's hands, as a total creep.

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