Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More Bang For Your Starbuck


All the reviews for tonight's premiere of NBC's Bionic Woman seem to say the same thing - seriously, look at this run-down of reviews at AICN - that the Bionic Woman herself, played by Michelle Ryan, is a big wet noodle, but the show kicks into high gear whenever Katee "Starbuck" Sackhoff is on-screen as the Evil Bionic Woman.

And I mean... come on, LOOK at that picture up top. If that picture doesn't make your gay toes curl, then you haven't got toes, you lost them in some sort of frostbite accident, seriously, take off your shoes and check, I bet you they're not there anymore and you didn't even know, I guess the Saint Bernard stole your memory when he rescued you from beneath the avalanche of your total obliviousness that Katee Sackhoff is one of the coolest motherfucking women alive.

So what I'm saying is, that picture up top, and Katee freaking Sackhoff as an EVIL BIONIC WOMAN, that's reason enough to watch this show. Carry on.



the consensus is so correct

just as i was thinking "how could they have cast this show so poorly?" along comes Sackhoff to carry the whole thing on her cool.

DAMN! scorching. she's the sexiest TV chick since Eliza Dushku's days as "Faith"

Jason Adams said...

That's such a great comparison, Nat! Starbuck and Faith are such bad-ass compatriots.

RJ said...

Seriously, that picture is hot!

Jwise said...

Katee (not shockingly) blew Michelle Ryan off the screen last night. And now that AICN is saying Sackoff will be back for more eps this season, I will def keep watching...mostly in the hopes that the producers eventually shift the focus towards her character. Like the Faith arc in the Buffy comics