Monday, September 17, 2007

The Lives of Others In 150 Words Or Less



Anonymous said...

What? So you think Pan is better than Lives?

I loved Lives - so amazing!

I liked Pan - but Lives of Others deserved to win Best Foreign Film!

Jason Adams said...

I liked Lives very very much but it had some problems, I thought. It felt weak at certain points. For one I thought the music was terrible, and that freeze-frame right at end end was terribly cheesy. Muhe was fantastic, though, and I did really really like it.

But I LOVED Pan's; Pan's seared itself into my brain.

Glenn Dunks said...

Pans < Lives

Not by that much, mind you, but... yeah...

J.D. said...

Pan's < Lives

I reviewed it.

John T said...

I agree with Ja-I liked Lives a lot, but I loved Pan's (it would have been in my personal favorite five of 2006).