Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Joss Say No!

Is Joss Whedon having his mid-life crisis? How else does one account for this Defamer sighting:

Monday 9-10 Just saw Joss Whedon at a Starbucks in Santa Monica (15th and Montana) listening to his iPod. He was rocking a single diamond stud earring and he ordered something with chocolate. All hail the Nerd King. I wanted to tell him that I just bought Serenity used for $6 but I don't think he'd be too impressed.

A diamond stud, Joss? Really? Honestly? I mean, sure, it's your brain I love, and you've never exactly been a fashion icon... but I never thought you'd stoop to diamond studs. Joss, you're a middle-aged, incredibly-white dude. Remember that. Embrace that. I guess he's having his bad-boy Spike moment. Though even Spike knew better than that. Not better than murdering human beings, but better than diamond studs.

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