Friday, September 14, 2007

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--- Boo Who – Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t like cilantro and admits his puggle Boo is… gone.

Gone? WTF? Why is there no follow-up question? All he says is he doesn't have him anymore. What happened to Boo? Where is Boo, goddammit? (via)

--- What Moriarty Says – I feel guilty that I haven’t written my thoughts out on Ils (Them), the French thriller I touted my interest in for months and finally saw a good month ago… so I’m glad that Moriarty reviews it at AICN and said pretty much exactly what I thought. It’s a taut exercise in sound effects and editing, but there’s not a lot of there there, ya know? The filmmakers made the choice of replacing character development with blank slates onto which we can project ourselves, which is a valid enough choice to get us jumping in our seats, but in the end you can only care so much about what happens to people we don’t get to know.

In that same AICN link, Moriarty uses Ils and two other films as a call-to-arms for supporting the original ideas out there in the horror/thriller genre, as a response to Rob Zombie’s Halloween and all the other remakes already made or on their way, which is, as y’all know, a call-to-arms I support wholeheartedly. The two other films he reviews are All The Boys Love Mandy Lane – a film I’ve expressed my anxiety to see and my anger at its release-date delay previously – and P2, which is a film I have not mentioned before; it’s name is familiar, I’d seen it here and there, but until reading this review I hadn’t looked into it. But now my interest’s most certainly peaked; it’s co-written by Alexandre Aja, the fella behind Haute Tension (so good minus that apocalyptically bad ending) and the The Hills Have Eyes remake, which was better than Wes Craven’s original, and it stars Rachel Nichols – of whom I am a big fan and think deserves a big career – and Wes Bentley, whom Moriarty says finally follows up his promise in American Beauty with his work here.

comes out on November 9th and you can watch its trailer right here.

--- The Croc Cometh – Glenn at Stale Popcorn posted his review of Greg McLean’s Rogue, and besides a supposed third-act dud of a twist it sounds peachy! Rogue’s released here on October 12th.

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