Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another Reason I Love This City

So I went out in search of a copy of Death Proof on DVD after work last night. I went to the Circuit City in Union Square, which is where one can usually find new DVDs for obscenely cheap prices, but as happened the last time I went there they were sold out of what I was looking for - that's strike two, Circuit City! Anyway, I head next door to the Virgin Megastore, begrudgingly, knowing they'll most certainly have it in stock while also certainly charging much more. Surprisingly, it was still cheaper there than from Amazon, so I grabbed it. Not the same news to report with Severance, which isn't cheap anywhere (note to self: look up cheapest price for that one, ASAP).

Point: I'm wandering through Virgin looking at their sale racks and suddenly the in-store DJ (yes, in-store DJ; normally this elicits a barf, but not in this instance as you'll see) pipes over the loud-speakers that Rogue Wave, one of my most favoritest bands that I've never had the chance to see live, will be playing in the in-store cafe starting NOW. Whee!

Rogue Wave's new album, Asleep At Heaven's Gate, was released yesterday - it's wonderful, y'all should check it out - so they were in-store hocking their wares... good salesmen, those boys. They played a small set, maybe five songs, but it was delightful.

So, as thanks to the NYC gods who brought this spontaneous bit of kismet my way, here's a lovely track off their new record, called "Chicago x12", via Sendspace. Enjoy!

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