Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Sweeney Poster

I saw somebody somewhere - my apologies if this is someone who reads this blog; I mean no harm - bitching about the gore-quotient supposedly being heightened for Tim Burton's telling of Sweeney Todd from what played out on-stage, so that it is probably, at the very least, going to be Rated R... well, I think we all know where I stand on there being more gore (can I get a "Yippee!"?), so I'll just be respectfully disagreeing on that being a negative. I share with y'all the fear of not-singers playing these very-singing roles, though. And, uh, my point: I like the new poster that apparently popped up on Ebay (via FilmIck) quite much:

I am with those that say that much trepidation must be felt as to this project's prospects... Tim Burton hasn't made a good movie since 1999, after all. But this project is so far coming off, in his hands, as incredibly similar to that 1999 film, also one that some critics felt was derailed by the violence, but which I adore, so... we shall see. Yes, we shall see! Mwahahahah!!! Ahem.


J.D. said...

[sigh] And Corpse Bride isn't good? Hm.

Jason Adams said...

Corpse Bride is... okay. And that's being generous.


hey now!

but anyway. you know i'm not pro-gore but it needs to be there in Sweeney Todd. So this damn thing better be rated R

Anonymous said...

I just read that WB was actually trying to get him to tone down the violence to make it PG-13. Which would suck.