Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Am Link


--- Lotsa Lust, No Caution - The NYT has an article up on Ang Lee's Lust, Caution (it's a couple days old, I'm just seeing it) in which Lee and James Schamus talk about the genesis of the project and what they're going for. Of the much-ballyhooed NC-17-granting sex scenes, Lee says:

"“We could only shoot for half the day because we’d be exhausted,” Mr. Lee said. “I almost went insane.” But he was convinced of the necessity of the sex scenes. “They’re like the fight sequences in ‘Crouching Tiger,’ ” he said. “It’s life and death. It’s where they really show their character.” He added, “And it’s part of the plot, since it’s all about acting, levels of acting. You’re performing when you have sex.”"

I must admit I'm a bit disappointed that it's already been stated elsewhere that Tony Leung does not show off the goods. Sigh. Criminal!

--- Question of the Day: Who Wants to See A Movie Called War Monkeys? I do, I do!!! And the recommendation of Bruce Campbell or Nathan Fillion as leads hits me square in the joy-button.

--- A Different Kinda Scream Queen - Much pleasure in this piece at Penny Dreadful admiring the work of Parker Posey in Scream 3 - a truly underrated perf. from Miss Posey. Wow that was a tongue-twister.

--- Ahem - I know I said yesterday that I'd leave Rob Zombie's Halloween be until I get to see it, but a couple tidbits regarding it have caught my attention today:

First up, there's a positive review of the flick at AICN, though what caught my attention more was Moriarty's introduction to the review, which goes:

"I have no doubt that this reviewer is sincere. After talking back and forth with him in e-mail, it's obvious he's a guy who really does love what he saw in this film.... I also have no doubt that his reaction will not be the same reaction that many people have. I spent some time last night talking to a trusted friend who’s seen this one and who absolutely loathed every second of it, and based on what I’m hearing, even the hardcore horror press online had a tough time swallowing what Zombie’s cooked up."

And secondly, much like Hostel: Part II before it, a print of Halloween has leaked online. The difference here, though, is that this print was a work-print, and it differs from the finished product that's hitting theaters on Friday. Here's what DH has to say of the difference:

"This leak is more interesting in that it's the film's 'work print,' the version shown to test audiences back in June which was panned and lead to a rushed week of reshooting to change the ending and "beef up" the gore quotient (allegedly six more deaths were added in).

Not only does it imply somebody in the production process leaked it (rather than exhibitors or audience members with cameras), but also gives insight into the test screening process as to what about the film has been changed.

Right off the bat for example, the 'sample clip' being offered with the torrent shows off a disgustingly brutal gang rape by guards on a female prisoner in front of Michael. It's a scene that is non-existent in the final film in theatres, replaced by a thankfully tamer 'escape scene'."

--- Lost-mower Man - Jeff Fahey has joined the cast of Lost, says EW. I had such an embarrassing crush on Fahey in Lawnmower Man... he has not aged well, though, judging by how he was looking in Grindhouse.


Anonymous said...

Parker Posey is good in everything...even in absolute crap like Josie and the Pussycats.

And, yeah, Scream 3 is a mess. It does feature the lovely Mrs. Alessandro Nivola, though. Originally, she was going to be one of the killers, ya know. I'm always pissed my girl Mortimer didn't get to be the psycho bitch that movie could have let her be.

Anonymous said...

You got me all excited about the possibility of seeing Tony Leung's junk 'n' more, but you didn't specify which Tony Leung. I thought you meant Tony Leung Ka Fai (from The Lover, not Tony Leung Chiu Wai (from Hero). Don't tease a girl like that!

Jason Adams said...

Mmm to either of the "Tony Leung"'s junk.

But don't we practically see Ka Fai's junk in The Lover anyway? I seem to remember the camera practically being up his ass whilst he was thrusting away in one scene.

Girl Friday the 13th said...

Jeff Fahey was unrecognizable in Grindhouse. But I'll always love him for Sketch Artist 2: Hands That See.

Thanks for the linkage.