Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hi Eli


Eli Roth may be on a self-prescribed press sabbatical post-Hostel:Part II's so-alleged "bombing heard round the world that single-handedly killed an entire fake-genre created by the media," but that ain't gonna stop me from posting about him because I like to so there. I mean, I was somewhat disappointed with the film itself, but it's no dismally-terrible Saw flick.

Anyway, the specs are out on the DVD for Hostel: Part II, which comes out on October 23rd (as well as another special-edition of the first Hostel - argh, goddamned double dipping!), and they went with the most boring of the options of poster-art for the DVD cover -->

Yawn. Where's my girl Heather strung up all piñata-like? That's this thing's bread-n-butter!

Also on the DVD will be what they're calling "a blood ands guts montage" which I imagine ought to ring all ya Roth-haters bells and whistles about his supposed lack of seriousness with regards to his violence. Whee!

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