Thursday, August 16, 2007

Go Zoe Go


Most people's opinions seem to be that Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof was the lesser of the two halves of Grindhouse; well I'm here to tell you that y'all's opinions are bunk! Bunk! Cuz Death Proof was effin' brilliant; I loved every banal-conversation- between-car-chase-soaked second! Anyway, the awesome Kiwi stunt-woman Zoe Bell was a big part of making it such a dripping-with-awesomeness experience, so I'm pleased as pie to hear she's gonna get her own action flick. From AICN:

"Zoe Bell has taken the jump from supporting cast member in DEATH PROOF to starring in her own action vehicle for Senator Entertainment. The project is Untitled as of right now, but we know she'll be playing an Iraqi war veteran trying to acclimatize herself upon her return from the Middle East. She ends up trying to help a young girl in trouble. A little FIRST BLOOD... maybe a pinch of BLIND FURY... And she'll be kicking everybody's ass Jackie Chan style, doing her own stunts."

This kick-ass chick is who parents need to teach their daughters to wanna be when they grow up. Fuck Cinderella.


Anonymous said...

Even though this sounds like it could very easily suck, I want to see this.

Unknown said...