Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Daddle

I think this speaks for itself. From this site:

"Now Dad can give the ultimate Horse-back rides! Ideal for ages 2-6, it’s a soft-stuffed model of the real thing. The Daddle™ is complete with adjustable stirrups, soft saddle horn and a latigo strap designed with Dad’s comfort in mind. This model provides interactive fun for the kids and adults alike. The Daddle™ is made of washable sturdy cotton and will bring hours of enjoyment to your home."


SamuraiFrog said...

Is this being marketed by those same people who made the vibrating Harry Potter broom for little kids?

J.D. said...


Jason Adams said...

I wish I had gotten my hands on one of those brooms. And NO, not for illicit use. Just to have. I think getting my own Daddle will have to make up for it. My bday's coming up!