Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday's Ways Not To Die

If you don't know what movies these are from,
you can click on the images to find out.

This is a new recurring feature I'm gonna try out; I haven't decided if it'll be weekly or bi-weekly yet (we'll know when next week rolls around and see whether I'm prepared or not). But anyway, I've been wanting to have something where I focus on "Fun Kills" from movies - since I'm a sick mofo who enjoys that sort of thing - and this is what I came up with. Simple really - it might not always be more than one movie that I grab frames from, it will all depend on how specific a death it is that I come up with. But these'll just be movie deaths that I've enjoyed within my storied history of enjoying movie deaths. Need to sicken the place up a bit; it's been far too much prettiness lately.


Anonymous said...

As a fellow sick mofo, I am pleased

Jason Adams said...

It's nice to not be alone in my sick-mofo-ed-ness.

Unknown said...

Since I couldn't sit through King Kong, I had to check on that, but I recognized Casper an Dien's shower scene movie right away

And kudos for not using anything "Mimic" related