Thursday, May 17, 2007

Death Race's Mind-Boggling Cast

From BD:

"Paul W.S. Anderson's Deathrace 3000 is heating up as offers are being made to Glenn Close to play the part of the warden (Joan Allen is next), according to a scooper over at Latino Review. In addition, Lawrence Fishburne is up for the coach & Djimon Hounsou is up for the main rival role which was once played by Sylvester Stallone. Jason Statham was reported as in talks by the same website a few weeks back, which was confirmed by the trades. These rumors sounds pretty solid. The film is a remake, which was a no-holds-barred, ultraviolent car race, set in 2020."

I don't really understand how the director Paul W.S. Anderson is gathering these names for his cast. This is the man who directed Alien Vs. Predator and the Mortal Kombat films (granted, he also directed the first Resident Evil - which I can watch over and over, I'll admit it; and Event Horizon, which I remember really liking at the time). And this is a remake of an admittedly fun but totally schlocky, very 70s movie.

Have the roles really dried up to this point for Glenn Close? Maybe she just wants to have some fun, I suppose. Could this thing really have a terrific script? I was all for a remake at first, but as soon as Anderson got onboard I lost interest. Now with these names attaching themselves (Joan Allen as SECOND choice???) I can't help but wonder anew.

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