Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Second Episode

It's a terrible day here in NYC to run around - wet and cold and windy - but nothing but death would keep me from the second issue of Joss Whedon's Buffy: Season Eight comic series that came out today.

I mean, sure, if ya wanna get technical I could've waited til after work and gone to the comic store; it might not even be raining like a mo-fo later, as it is now. But no, my needs far outweigh my sanity, once more. So I sit here, back at my desk, my socks and shoes soaked through, gripping Issue #2's thirty-eight slim pages in my mitts like holy treasure.

Anyway, that pre-ramble was my way of saying all you Buffy fans had best be braving similar horrors today and picking up your own copies, because judging by the last issue this thing is the poo and you are missing out if you're not partaking.

You could always, if you're sane and all, just order it online too. But where's the joy in that?

One more thing: I cannot wait for Issue #3 (comes out May 2nd) - look at this shudder-inducing cover:



Anonymous said...

Willow is clinching her butt

Jason Adams said...

Somebody has to.

I don't know what that means.


really loved the first episode I did.

but it's kind of a bummer that comic books are so short. It's like seeing the first fourth of an episode and going to commercial between issues.



Jason Adams said...

SO excited when Amy showed up at the end! I was always irritated that her thread never got picked up again in the 7th season, or hell, the end of the 6th - she and Evil Willow in a witch fight! Oh to dream... but now I don't think I have to dream any more - the dream shall be reality! Whahaha! Amy's back!