Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tori News


Today, Tori Amos has released the cover art (above) and the track listing (below) for her new album, American Doll Posse, which is released on May 1st.

Yo George
Big Wheel
Bouncing off Clouds
Teenage Hustling
Digital Ghost
You Can Bring Your Dog

Mr. Bad Man
Fat Slut
Girl Disappearing
Secret Spell
Devils and Gods
Body and Soul

Father's Son
Programmable Soda
Code Red
Roosterspur Bridge
Beauty of Speed

Almost Rosey
Velvet Revolution
Dark Side of the Sun
Posse Bonus
Smokey Joe

I can't wait to hear a song from her called "Yo George"... I can only imagine. Also, there's a brief, somewhat ecstatic review of the entire album over at Undented, a Tori fan site. Most promising is this quote:

"I can honestly say, that this is much better than 2 previous albums. It has some short interludes so the way it’s been put together is in the same style as Boys For Pele."

Comparing it to BFP is just the way to get me super-excited.

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