Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Richard Kelly Is Adorable

Okay, okay, so Richard Kelly's also a talented director (Donnie Darko! And... uh, Donnie Darko!), but flipping through these new pics (along with storyboards and sketches and all sorts of coolness) from the set of his "Will it ever be released?' next film, Southland Tales, all I could really pay attention to were how gosh-darn adorable Kelly is. Evidence of said cuteness:

Yeah, I kinda hate him. Because he's cute and he stood behind a camera one day a few years ago and directed Jake Gyllenhaal to put his hand down his pants. Bastard!

Southland Tales is still listed as being released here in the US in "April" but that's seeming... up in the air, to put it delicately, at this point.

It came in at #13 (unlucky! unlucky!) on the "We Can't Wait!" list of movies we're looking forward to in '07 at TFE.

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