Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Quote of the Day II

Mary-Louise Parker in an article she wrote for Esquire titled "Why Are Singers Such Pussies?", lamenting the state of music today:

"Things seem a bit airbrushed at the moment. How do you get rowdy to James Blunt? All due respect, "You're Beautiful" kind of makes me want to hurl. I would rather hear Van Morrison snarl something unintelligible in the midst of "Sweet Thing" before he falls away from the microphone, or Joe Cocker rasp out his last breath. I once told Elvis Costello that Imperial Bedroom made me want to punch someone in the face and then go have sex with the wrong person, but in the best way. Rock 'n' roll isn't a pretty boy on MTV; it isn't "gorgeous." Maybe the popularity of American Idol has produced all this music that seems like it could be lifted from a consensual-rape scene on Days of Our Lives."

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DL said...

Ha! Mary-Louise Parker is so cool. I still don't know why she was never a big star though - she's gorgeous, very funny, and a beautiful actor too. The whole damn package.