Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, Nathan Fillion!


Captain Tight-Pants, aka Malcolm Reynolds, aka evil, eye-gouging not-Father Caleb, aka Nathan Fillion turns 36 today. Which seems about as good a justification as any to post this picture --> from the episode of Firefly titled "Trash". Birthday suit!

Mr. Fillion will be gracing our tiny picture boxes again in about two weeks - April 15th - for Drive, a show that I hope hope HOPE will be Tim Minear's Lost - see, JJ Abrams had this show nobody really watched called Alias that I totally loved, just as Minear had this show nobody watched called Wonderfalls that I LOVED, so I'm hoping Minear's second (okay, fourth, after Angel and Firefly... have I mentioned Tim Minear is god-like?) time will be the charm.

I ramble. Fillion should be this generation's Harrison Ford (though Ford's obviously unwilling to stop being anybody's Harrison Ford). Fillion's got a fantastic sense of humor and perfect comic timing, he's charming, he's got an offbeat sort of handsomeness that totally works, he's strapping and heroic-like and yadda yadda... he's the man. I wanna be Nathan Fillion when I grow up.

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