Tuesday, January 23, 2007


What a crock. You can see the Oscar nominations here or here or here or here or here. And so forth.

I have nothing really to say about these. Leo for Blood Diamond is a crock. (I saw The Departed again this past weekend and he really blows my mind in it - so good.)

No Volver for Foreign Film? A crock.

No Clint Mansell for The Fountain's score? CROCK CROCK CROCK.

The only things that really have me excited are the Screenplay nominations - they usually get it right, or righter than Best Picture nominations at least, and they nommed both Children of Men (for Adapted) and Pan's Labyrinth (for Original).

And yay for Abagail Breslin! Take that, Fanning!


Joe R. said...

Six nominations for Pan's Labyrinth ain't bad, though. And I want to say four for Children of Men. We share favorite movies of the year, so I do feel you on the major categories.

JA said...

Yeah, I'd only skimmed the tech nominations when I posted this earlier, I feel a little better seeing CoM and PL got a bunch of those, and deservedly. But I was really hoping CoM would pull out a surprise in the end in the major categories, but it wasn't to be. Sigh!

The thing that makes me most bitter about these noms, though, is it's looking like DRECKDRECKDRECK Babel is really in the running for Best Picture, and just EWWW. I'd be as annoyed at that winning as I was with Crash winning last year, I hate them both equally. Though there's no Brokeback for Babel to beat, which'll cut the sting a bit.