Friday, January 12, 2007

100th Jake Gyllenhaal Post !!!

Oh momentous occasion! I was actually looking for more substantial information to do my 100th post about Jake Gyllenhaal (click here to bask in my psychosis), but I can hardly go without mentioning his hosting duties on tomorrow night's episode of Saturday Night Live, so this will have to do. Here's the brief promo for tomorrow's episode featuring the man himself:

I'm watching it without sound here at work, keep in mind, so I have no idea what lameness Kenan Thompson is spouting, but just seeing Jake... standing there... in all his Jakeness... knees go weak... I'm also excited that The Shins are the musical guests... LOVE them... this episode will be embedded in my Tivo until the end of time.

Somehow's Jake's been avoiding the paparazzi's eye since getting to NYC, so there are no recent snapshots of him standing on sidewalks like all the ones that The Gilded Moose so loves... there is the below shot of him in LA last week looking... slightly perturbed... in a lovely sweater I covet:

Otherwise, Jake news is kinda quiet right now. Zodiac opens up in just 49 days!

ETA here's some new Jake-related news: Jake topped (pun sooooooo intended)'s poll for Male Celebrity We Most Wish Were Gay. Hands off, fellow queers; JAKE IS MINE.


Joe R. said...

Speaking of which...what is Jake actually promoting that he's on SNL this week? Zodiac's too far away...I'm stumped.

Jason Adams said...

Jake is promoting my erection this week. And every week! Oh sorry, me and my TMI... ahem.

Anyway, I was wondering that too, but maybe this was just the only time he could do it. I'm revealing my stalker-side here, but I know he's somewhat in the middle of shooting his new movie, Rendition, and that's got a bunch of international shooting to do, so maybe after he does this he's got to go shoot overseas for awhile, at least til the thick of Zodiac press stuff.

Christ I have problems.