Friday, December 22, 2006

Today's Mood


Marcus (Tony Cox),
Bad Santa

"More booze, more bullshit, more butt-fucking..."

Now there's a holiday sentiment to leave y'all with. Cheers! I may not post again today, and I fly home tomorrow morning, so if and when I post next it may not be until post-Xmas. I hope y'all have a lovely holiday, or break from work, or weekend, or whatever you fancy. Me being an atheist and all you'd think I'd shun this religious fesitivity - the boyfriend celebrates Elvismas - but well, I'm a greedy effing atheist and I want my prezzies! Love y'all! Be happy, be calm, be safe!


SamuraiFrog said...

Happy Xmas, JA. Love the blog, even when I'm not stealing from it. Sorry about that...

Jason Adams said...

Merry Xmas to you, samuraifrog! And I steal everything from somewhere else, so don't fret! It's an orgy of thieving that keeps the blogosphere going. ;-)