Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Fountain

Oh god, I loved loved LOVED The Fountain.

I went into it with pretend low expectations, meaning I'd read the reviews and knew that the general consensus had been arrived at that it was a mess - a beautiful-to-look-at, but all-over-the-place mess - and I tried to keep an air of reason about myself, but secretly I was hoping against hope that it'd be what I wanted it to be, and yup, I loved every single messy frame of it.

I'll try and write more after I let it settle some; I did just get back from the theater. This is one I'm seriously considering seeing a second time. Even if I hadn't loved it so much, and found myself deeply moved by it (i.e. I cried, numerous times.), seeing it again on a big screen still would be tempting, because the visuals alone are jaw-droppingly gorgeous. But as is, I think seeing it alone, in a theater, really close to the screen... well that just sounds like bliss.

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