Monday, August 28, 2006

Today In Remake News

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Some dude - David Ondaatje - who seem to be obsessed with Alfred Hitchcock (ain't we all) is remaking the 1927 silent film of Hitch's called The Lodger.

Unlike other remake news, this doesn't seem that bad an idea to me. I mean, it's been 80 years, and the original has some early foreshadowing-the-Hitch-to-come touches (the famous through-the-floor shot) that send film-geeks like I into fits of thesis-writing, but otherwise it could stand an update. It's not like he's remaking Rear Window here.

Oh wait, someone did that already? Oh right, I remember that as the day a tiny piece of my heart died. And I liked that tiny piece. It was special to me.


Glenn Dunks said...

Yeah, The Lodger I think is prime for an update, but I just hope it's not a silly thriller.

The original is quite good for what it is - a low budget British silent film.

However, they're apparently remaking The 39 Steps (again) and the original is one of my Top 20, so that's not gonna be pretty.

Jason Adams said...

I'm glad I sort of brought something together for you! Though you seem to have done most of the heavy lifting, Christopher! But yes, Ivor Novello, Jeremy Northam... mmmm Jeremy Northam. Thank you for making me think of JN.