Monday, August 14, 2006

Perfume & Idiocracy


Dark Horizons has a slew of new pictures from Tom Tykwer's greatly anticipated (I've spoken of it here and here and here... yes, I'm excited) new film, Perfume (one of which is NSFW I must add...).

I was going through the new Entertainment Weekly this weekend (yeah, exciting weekend) - the Fall Film Preview issue, which is always one of my faves - and after commenting on their 10 Most Awaited Fall flicks last week, I found myself searching their list of upcoming movies for films I'd have placed on my Top 10 instead of half of their choices, and Perfume was def. included. Tykwer's got talent, the images I'm seeing are gorgeous, and the trailer's fantastic.

Another one that'd slipped my mind - probably because it's release date has been as stable as Britney Spears' parenting skills - is Mike Judge's Office Space follow-up, Idiocracy, which I've thought sounded great from inception: a man wakes up 300 years in the future to find that society has dumbed itself down to the point of retardation and he's suddenly the smartest man on Earth.

Well now, according to DH, the film is on "indefinite hold" so who knows when it'll see the light of day.

I have trouble believing Mike Judge made a film so terrible they refuse to release it so I have to wonder if the studio might be afraid of it. I mean, it does sound like elitism-incarnate, and slightly insulting to a large portion of the audience in its very essence.

Which... is what I like about it, of course.

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Glenn Dunks said...

but I love Office Space and the Beavis & Butthead movie was pretty decent (lesbian seagulls!)... grr, this is annoying. Yet they'll release Zoom and other shit like that?