Monday, August 28, 2006

The Peace Fountain


Has anyone else, here in NYC or elsewhere, even heard of this thing before, and I'm just out of the weird-ass-sculpture loop? If I'd known there was such an insanity before I'd have made the trek earlier.

See, the boyfriend and I happened to be up in the 110th Street vicinity over the weekend and happened upon the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, which in itself is an impressive landmark, but standing beside it is this... fountain...

I looked for pictures online that would fully capture the essence of this thing and they were hard to come by, but here are a few that might give you the general idea if you have, like I did, not a clue what this thing is:

Let me describe what you're looking at. The base is the double-helix of a strand of DNA, which is what the water apparently runs down (the water wasn't on when we were there). On top of that is an enormous crab, which basically looks like an ice-cream sandwich with claws and eyes. On top of the crab stands an Arch-Angel who's cutting Satan apart with his huge sword (Satan's head has fallen over the side and is in the clutches of one of the crab's claws) - dontcha love how the Christian concept of peace involves dismemberment?

And finally, surrounding the Arch-Angel on top of the crab are the sun and (nine, I believe) giraffes. Yes, giraffes.

There's also a lion and a lamb cuddling - beside the nine giraffes - which makes sense to me for the whole "peace" thing, but otherwise... huh? There was a description at the base which tried very hard to set up what we were looking at, but all it made me think was somebody must've slipped some PCP in the holy water the day this thing was vetted for construction.

So has anyone else seen this? If not I highly recommend it. Emphasis on high. As in "first, you must get..." Effin' odd.

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Anonymous said...

Hey you!! We were in NYC early in August and I was so surprised to see such a thing near the cathedral because it seemed so evil. I too have been searching for information on this "beast" and came across your blog! I agree - it is weird but very interesting. Have you learned anything more? It was so damn hot that day that we didn't hang around long to look at it or find out more about it.