Wednesday, August 09, 2006

National Underwear Day

What a coincidence, that Eric Bana Day and National Underwear Day happen to both fall on August 9th, huh?

(Eric Bana in The Nugget)

Now, I've done gratuitous posts in the past, but I think this one may really take the cake. But who am I to argue with a National Holiday? I can only submit myself to the Will of Our Country.

So, let us begin our short, or should I say, brief tour through the wonders of men in their underpants, shall we? Okay.

Of course, our first stop will have to be the be-all and end-all of "Gratuitous Shots of Underpants-Clad Men in the Movies", Eddie Cibrian in Living Out Loud.

I don't think I've ever been able to breathe during that scene.

Now I happen to have the probably uncontroversial opinion that Ryan Phillippe is best when he forgoes undergarments (and acting) altogether, but I ain't runnin' a porno site here and anyway, this is National Underwear Day so we must celebrate the skivvies.

(left - Cruel Intentions, right - White Squall)

Say what? That pic from White Squall is practically pornographic anyway? Not in a film about a bunch of innocent, shirtless, strapping, tanned 17-year old boys rollicking on the seas without a woman in sight, I say!

Oh, and then there's Josh Duhamel in The Picture of Dorian Gray, which I've never seen save these caps:

These, wonderful, wonderful caps.

And Hugh Jackman in Someone Like You...:

Good times, good times.

And here, for that little extra bit of gratuitousness, are some pictures of actors in their underpants outside of films. Because I'm that giving!

Okay, so in that picture of Jake he's pretty much clothed, save a little exposed CKU at the waist, but I could hardly leave him off of here and the bastard has yet to give us a skivvy scene... save this distant shot in The Day After Tomorrow:

He's so selfish! Okay, so he did get naked for Jarhead... I'll give the boy that. Oh, I'll give him something alright... where was I? What am I doing?

ETA I forgot! He's briefly in what appear to be Underoos in Bubble Boy:

So, what's your favorite underpants movie-moment?


Glenn Dunks said...

Do you really need to ask what MY favourite underware moment is? Clearly it's Hugh Jackman in Someone Like You. There's also that bit in Swordfish where he wears nothing but a towel.

Jason Adams said...

Okay, this has nothing to do with underwear, but it does have to do with Swordfish - how hot is that scene where Hugh's getting mouth-raped in front of a table full of people? I could watch it on repeat for days.

And if that's wrong, I will never be right.

Glenn Dunks said...

lol. I sort of dazed out during that scene. For obvious reasons. ;)

Anonymous said...

very interesting day...