Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Must See Roman

I was skimming through AICN's descriptions of films to be shown at Austin's Fantastic Fest, which I find myself salivating over every year, when I stumbled upon this description of the film Roman:

"Angela Bettis helms in her directorial debut, and Lucky McKee, who directed Bettis in the cult horror hit MAY, takes a turn in front of the camera as Roman, a lonely guy who has nothing in his life except for looking out a window after work. He watches the same girl go by every day, but he never talks to her, until he meets her by chance. Unfortunately, he's obsessed so much with her that things go horribly wrong. "The Girl" is played by the ever-enchanting Kristen Bell (VERONICA MARS, PULSE)."

Now, May's not a perfect movie, but I do enjoy it a lot, and that team reuniting and flipping roles (director to star, star to director) for a semi-companion piece to May sounds very interesting indeed.

And then, well, you throw the object of my sexually-confused advances Kristin Bell in there and you've got me very interested. Must find this film!

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