Monday, July 24, 2006

Reason Presents Itself


Ah, so now we now why Jake's become Lance Armstrong's spandex-clad not-fluffer!

From Nikki Finke at L.A. Weekly:

"I'm told Jake Gyllenhaal and Lance Armstrong are hanging at the Tour De France together because the actor is the leading contender to play the cyclist in a Sony bio pic being quietly developed."

Phew. I couldn't breathe all weekend, thinking of the two of them, holed up in some French lodge, one wearing the pajama top and the other the pajama bottoms, holding each other for warmth after the heat went out... oh, maybe I was confusing them with an old episode of Who's The Boss?

Anyway, good news. I'm glad to have an least some sort of semi-substantiated news of Jake's next project, word had been awfully mum lately. Though I would not go so far as Finke does to say the two of them look alike, because Lance is gross, and Jake? Jake is not gross.

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