Monday, July 10, 2006

Marion on Indy

I love Karen Allen as Marion in Raiders of the Lost Ark so much - it's nice to hear from her, even if the rumors of her and Kate Capshaw ending up in the fourth film are about as likely as the fourth film, um, ever getting made.

From DH:

"'Pete' chimes in with this report from a special screening of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" the other week in New York at which Karen Allen was in attendance.

"I asked the $64,000 question: would Marion and Indy reunite in number four? She laughed, and said she hears all kinds of rumors, just like everybody - "a friend will call me and say they read such-and-such in the Chicago Tribune." She's heard rumors that they were trying to find a place in it for her and for Kate Capshaw, "to tie up loose ends," but she emphasized that from what she's heard, Spielberg and Lucas are focussed on getting the best script they can, and that "we'll know (who's in it)...when we know."

She added that she recently heard a rumor that Natalie Portman may play Indy's daughter. She laughed and said that, while watching the film this evening for the first time in many years, she noticed she didn't have her nightgown on in the "morning-after" scene on Katanga's boat. "So who knows, maybe I have a daughter!" she joked".

Why George Lucas gotta be such a tool? I really believe that this film would've been made by now if he weren't cramming his greedy paws into the pie. Spielberg obviously doesn't have a lot of trouble getting shit done. Lay off, George!

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