Friday, July 07, 2006

Beyond Wonderfalls

I saw the trailer for Hollywoodland before Superman Returns, and thought it looked... decent. It's the movie about Superman George Reeves' mysterious death, starring Ben Affleck.

But now that I know Caroline Dhavernas is in it, I have to go!

Dhavernas was the star of the embattled-but-brilliant too-brief TV show Wonderfalls. I loved that show so very deeply, and much of that love was due to Dhavernas, who played an adorable smart-ass like nobody's business.

I have got to support the girl's career now; I'd already given up hope on ever seeing her again, so this is joyous news. Even though I'm sure her part will be itty-bitty, any break is welcomed.

Oh, and if you ain't ever seen Wonderfalls, do.

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