Monday, June 05, 2006

The Sinking of Japan

I love me a good disaster flick, if done right. This preview for The Sinking of Japan (Nihon Chinbotsu) looks just right. From Harry at AICN:

"'s a full fledged disaster epic of Tsunamis, Earthquakes and Super Volcanic Eruptions all resulting in the total obliteration of Japan. This is directed by Shinji Higuchi - The man responsible for special effects for films like THE PRINCESS BLADE, GODZILLA, MOTHRA AND KING GHIDORAH GIANT MONSTERS ALL-OUT ATTACK, the 3 modern GAMERA films and more. He's also been the storyboard artist on the Evanelion anime series, along with the amazing CASSHERN. As well as the director of NADIA OF THE MYSTERIOUS SEAS and LORELEI: THE WITCH OF THE PACIFIC OCEAN."

I haven't seen the other stuff Harry mentions (who can keep track of the Godzilla films?), but Casshern is an amazing film that makes very little sense but you're so caught up in the non-stop visual wizardry that you don't even care. If this film is even half as balls-out insane as Casshern is, it'll be a great ride.

You can find links for two more trailers over here at AICN.

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