Friday, June 23, 2006

Q & R

Speaking of Grind House, EW's got an interview with Rodriguez and Tarantino up where they talk about the upcoming film.

"RODRIGUEZ : It's always hard for Quentin and myself to say What are we going to follow up our last movie with? Because he did Kill Bill, and I did Sin City. What was nice about this is mentally, we could get ourselves off the hook of a follow-up, because we were like, ''It's an exploitation movie, it's a double feature, it almost doesn't count. It's like a throwaway.''

: And because we wrote it with that attitude, I was surprised, because I think it's one of the best scripts I've ever written. This isn't going to be like Twilight Zone: The Movie. This is a legitimate double feature. With the trailers we're doing, it's gonna be like an alternate film universe. Me and Robert are going to do some trailers, but also Eli Roth [Hostel] is doing a trailer, and Edgar Wright [Shaun of the Dead] is doing one.

: It's like, ''What?! We get all of that for 10 bucks!?'' It's like five movies in one."

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